• Why Should I Use 5Focus Practice Success Model for my Practice Business Model?
    5Focus management model is a practice improvement framework that is simple and easy tool to implement. 5Focus management results are achievable and measurable. The 5Focus practice management model is used to assess and guide dental practice owners and teams from conception of the dental practice to expansion.

    What 5Focus means for me as an owner?

    • Mapping the integrated practice systems.
    • Coordinating between positions, systems, technical and administrative staff.
    • Adapting supports with integrated skills that last over time and in the face of change.
    • Creating a practice culture of service.
    • Establishing action plans for practice improvement.

    What 5Focus Practice Success Model means for my patients?

    • Creating a patient-centered environment.
    • Composing standards for effective communication with patients.
    • Ensuring patients’ commitment to treatments.
    • Building assessment criteria into patients’ surveys

    What 5Focus Practice Success means for my dental team?

    • Understanding practice goals and position expectations.
    • Linking goals to activities performed.
    • Staying on track and focused until goals are met.
    • Using the 5Focus framework to improve performance.

    The 5FOCUS Practice Success Model implements successful solutions by implementing procedures and protocols for your practice to build a strong management foundation, with proven results.

    Changing the Undesirable conditions in your Business

    5Focus Practice Success will assist you and guide you step by step process to change that condition. We are about changing the undersirable conditions in your business.

    Our mission is to facilitate and create for our clients a sense of fulfillment and financially rewarding businesses. The 5Focus Practice Success Model was repeatedly tested in many dental practices with successful outcomes. This model has been proven to be highly successful for many of our dentist clients.

    — Founder, 5Focus