Our value propotion as a Talent Acquisition Consulting firm is to bring a process rigor based, systematic approach to the field of Human Resource Consulting. 5Focus offers an exhaustive suite of comprehensive HR solutions to meet the ever increasing demand for right people..

Map out a staffing strategy that works best based on the objectives, and then leverage our team and proven process

Shortened timeframes, unique skill set requirements or the need for stringent internal controls may force you to look for a partner to provide a team that can make your objectives an operational reality. We use our in-depth in-house expertise to clearly understand the needs of clients and thoroughly assess and vet technical candidates

Apparently being the obvious reason why companies, organisations and enterprises will see us not just as a Human Resource Consulting partner but also as an expert in giving customized value add at every step of Talent supply chain management and Total Talent Acquisition Consulting.

— Telent Aquisition Team, 5Focus

Know Special Services for Dental Practitioners

1. To continually generate quality new patients.
2. To attract, empower and retain the best employee
3. To value each staff member’s contribution to the success of the practice
4. To understand human behaviors skills and manage by practice numbers
5. To understand the correlations between practice systems and staff.
6. To creating values to patients’ treatments.
7. To commit patients to treatments
8. To continually increase case acceptance
9. To maintain profitable practices with simple protocols and procedures
10. To use the 5Focus Practice Systems in every dental practice.