We are a team of trainers, speakers and consultants; we are not only creating practice protocols and procedures for our clients but we make sure they understand the correlations between answering patients phone (inquiries), productive schedule, treatment planning, collections and patient’s live value. 5FOCUS Management is a basic management business model and easy to implement in any business. 5FOCUS Management Solutions create systems, procedures and protocols in order to build a strong management foundation and business success. As professionals, you work hard and dedicated your live to your customers and to everyone around you. You may need to take off or have a vacation, but there is neither enough time nor enough money to do so! As, a business owner, if you are spending your time barely making a profit from your business and fully enjoying what you do, then you must act now. Call us at (202) 550 0591 or just email us at sdiallo@5focusm.com

Our clients have seen considerable results of all our provided services because we are always committed

Choose 5Focus Management to increase your profit and referrals. It has never been more complex.

We create programs and strategies that move our clients from point A to point B. In the process of moving our clients to achieving their business goals we establish lasting relationship with them. One of the most important things we do is continually adding value to our clients and it is the core of who we are and what we do by implementing the 5Focus Practice Success Systems. Our clients have seen considerable results of all our provided services because we are always committed to their success.

— Founder, 5Focus Management

Know what 5Focus Phases can do!

1. To continually generate quality new patients
2. To attract, empower and retain the best employee
3. To value each staff member’s contribution to the success of the practice
4. To understand human behaviors skills and manage by practice numbers
5. To understand the correlations between practice systems and staff
6. To creating values to patients’ treatments
7. To commit patients to treatments
8. To continually increase case acceptance
9. To maintain profitable practices with simple protocols and procedures
10. To use the 5Focus Practice Systems in every dental practice.