5FOCUS is a basic management business model and easy to implement in any business. 5FOCUS Management Solutions create systems, procedures and protocols in order to build a strong management foundation and business success. As professionals, you work hard and dedicated your live to your costomers and to everyone around you. You may need to take off or have a vacation, but there is neither enough time nor enough money to do so! As, a buinsess owner, if you are spending your time barely making a profit from your business and fully enjoying what you do, then you must act now.

Changing the Undesirable Conditions in your Business

5Focus Practice Success will assist you and guide you step by step process to change that condition. We are about changing the undersirable conditions in your business.

Our mission is to facilitate and create for our clients a sense of fulfillment and financially rewarding businesses. The 5Focus Practice Success Model was repeatedly tested in many dental practices with successful outcomes. This model has been proven to be highly successful for many of our dentist clients.

— Founder, 5Focus

Souleymane Diallo, Speaker and Trainer

Souleymane Diallo is the founder and president of 5Focus Management Training, a Management Training & Consulting Company, in Washington DC, USA. The company delivers management & leaderships training, strategy planning and measurement to business. Mr. Diallo has a proven track record in business management, training, leadership skills and service delivery. He has experience delivering seminars and coaching dentists and other business owners to achieve their personal and professional goals. Mr. Diallo had worked on projects founded by USAID via OFDA with Care International. He also wrote his research in Burundi for his Master of International and Intercultural Management. His research paper is published under Collections, 2001 for more details. As the Director of Clients Services with Management Expert, Inc., He also contributed to the success of the Management Expert Management Seminars. Souleymane Diallo holds two Masters Degrees, a Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering and a Master of International and Intercultural Management, Vermont, USA.