5FOCUS is a basic management business model and easy to implement in any business. Business Service Monitoring and Service Automation is the key for success. We provide a wide range of practice management services to our customers including marketing and advertisement process outsourcing, support and data management. Our unique approach and in-depth expertise makes it easy to deliver low risk, high quality development and support.

Changing the Undesirable Conditions in your Business

We help business align their service management delivery with their organizational process and help them to continuously monitor and improve their services delivery.

5Focus works with clients and their business partners to provide a range of services that span from strategy consulting to implementing and development of business model solutions specifically around the ideal solutions for the clients’ businesses

— Practice Development Manager, 5Focus

Cutting Edge Business Model Usage in Transformation

5Focus Practice Success Model is built on the principles of providing reliable services. Our services range is focused on time management, efficiency and effectiveness. We intend to grow this gradually by improving our core products and services, and listening to the client feedback.

Our practice development and support experience enables us to provide a key support role for our clients.

We provide an all- inclusive holistic range of practice management services, on site classes and workshops services which includes Scheduling Strategies, Closing Treatment Planning Strategies, Collections Strategies, Patients Flow Strategies, Insurance Follow up Strategies, Patients Accounts Strategies, Practice Overhead Strategies, Hiring Strategies and other related solutions. We are specialized in delivering Enterprise Management Services, Consulting Services, Project Based Services and Managed Services.