5FOCUS is a basic management business model and easy to implement in any business. 5FOCUS Management Solutions create systems, procedures and protocols in order to build a strong management foundation and business success. Our client and people talk so much about us!

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5Focus Practice Success will assist you and guide you step by step process to change that condition. We are about changing the undersirable conditions in your business.

In just three months the 5FOCUS model helped my practice grow by increasing 50% of my collections, and 45% of treatment plan acceptance. I would recommend 5FOCUS to any practice. 5FOCUS instructors are always available.

— Dental Practice in Rockville, MD

In six months 5FOCUS helped double my collections, treatment plan acceptance, and considerably reduced my stress, as well as my dental team’s stress. I’m still working with 5FOCUS management team, and highly recommend the 5FOCUS Practice Success Model.

— Dental Practice Office in Silver Spring, MD

I have been working with 5FOCUS for four years now, and I’m very satisfied with 5FOCUS’s services and highly recommend 5FOCUS for your dental staffing, systems, marketing, and training.

— Dental practice in Clinton, MD